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Arcvisa Studio embraces all forms of architecture with true passion, providing a wide range of integrated design. We offer full or partial architectural services to best suit each client’s requirements.


Full Stage – Professional Architectural Design Process & Services:

  • Stage 1. Inception

Initial meet and greet. Receive and report on the client’s requirements regarding The client's brief; site location and orientation, rights and constraints; budgetary constraints, and the need for consultants.

  • Stage 2: Concept and Viability (Architectural Design & Concept Sketches)

Prepare an initial design and advise on: The intended space provisions and planning relationships; proposed materials and intended building services; the functional characteristics of the design and check to the conformity of the concept with the rights to the use of land.

  • Stage 3: Architectural Design Development

Develop the design by Confirming the scope and complexity; review the design and consult with local and statutory authorities; develop the design construction systems, materials, and components; incorporate services and the work of the consultants; Review the design and costings with consultants.

  • Stage 4: Documentation & Procurement

4.1 Prepare documentation needed for local authority/council submission which included: Co-coordinating technical documentation with the relevant consultants; prepare specifications for the works; review the costing and program with the consultants; obtain the client's authority and submit documentation to local authorities for approval.

4.2 Complete construction/working drawing documentation and proceed to call for tenders which include: The client’s authority to prepare documents for the execution of the works; obtain offers for the execution of the works; evaluate offers and recommend the use of a building contract; contract documentation is then prepared and arrangements made for the signing of the building contract.

  • Stage 5: Construction

Stages 5 and 6 are optional and are sometimes excluded from the architectural service provided.

The architectural service provided for this stage comprises the administration of the building contract and includes: Handing over the site to the appointed contractor; issue a set of construction documentation; monitor sub-contractors design and documentation; monitor works on site according to the design and contract documentation; perform the duties and obligations assigned to the principal-agent, as set out in the JBCC building agreements or similar approved contract; issue the certificate of practical completion; assist the client to obtain the occupation certificate from the relevant local authority.

  • Stage 6: Close Out

The final stage of this process is the closeout of the project, which includes: The preparation of the necessary documentation for the completion and handover of the project; the architect shall issue the certificate related to the contract completion after the contractor’s obligations regarding the building contract are fulfilled; operating instruction manuals are made available to facilitate a smooth handover and operation of all systems in place; provide the client with as-built drawings and relevant technical and contractual undertakings and guarantees by the contractor and sub-contractors.

Interior Architecture, Interior Design & Space Planning

Although Interior Design is often seen as a separate “specialised” sector of the overall architectural design, we at Arcvisa Studio feel that The Interior finishes, textures and look-and-feel should be developed simultaneously throughout the architectural design process. The architect often creates unique architectural design elements in such a way as to marry the internal environment with the exterior building facades. Interior design forms a large part of our design process at Arcvisa Studio and this is what brings about beautifully integrated design envelopes between our indoor and outdoor spaces.

Architectural 3D Modelling, Photo Realistic 3D Rendering & Perspectives

Photo Realistic 3D modeling & rendering is Arcvisa Studio’s pride and joy. We have dedicated staff members which completed training with international render artists and our imagery speaks for itself. Taking time to perfect realistic design details in each and every render is what helps our clients visualise their dream before construction even begins. The more realistic, the more we feel space comes to life. Pierre, our 3D render & CG director, refines every piece of imagery our firm creates, and his specialised skill in modeling and rendering is enhanced and developed on every new project he is involved in. Arcvisa Studio provides 3D modeling & Rendering services to many South African and International Architecture firms, Interior Designers, Development companies, and marketing associates.

Interior & Exterior Video Animation

We recently found that clients want to move around in their new design space, which has not yet been built. Video animation makes this all possible. Arcvisa Studio can build up any scale project from a newly renovated bathroom to an entire square kilometre property development and surroundings. Video animation as well as 360-degree swivel renders allow you to understand and imagine the environment and atmosphere created within your newly designed area. Technology is advancing on a daily basis when it comes to CG video animation and we are always excited to find new creative ways of allowing people to experience a design they investing in.

Arcvisa Studio provides Architectural Design, Interior Design, 3D Modelling & Rendering services to both South African and international clientele.

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