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Pierre du Toit (Director of Arcvisa Studio) Architecture / Interior Design / 3D Rendering

Pierre du Toit (Director)

Architectural Designer & 3D / CG Render Artist


Pierre is a highly experienced architectural designer and 3D modeler with over 20 years of expertise in the field. His true passion lies in creating photo-realistic renderings of architectural structures and spaces, and his dedication to this craft is evident in his ability to breathe life into the atmosphere of these spaces.

Pierre's journey in architecture began at the Academy of Advanced Technology in South Africa, where he studied and honed his skills. During his time there, he developed a strong affinity for 3D modeling and architectural imagery, setting the foundation for his successful career in the industry.

To further enhance his knowledge and capabilities, Pierre has completed various international 3D training programs. These experiences have allowed him to refine and expand his expertise within the modeling and rendering industry, staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies.


With his wealth of experience and expertise, Pierre is a valuable asset to any architectural project. His ability to create stunning and immersive visual representations of architectural designs has earned him a reputation for excellence in the field. Clients can rely on his skills to bring their visions to life and to showcase their projects with the utmost professionalism and precision.

Tasmin Lee du Toit (Director of Arcvisa Studio) Architecture / Interior Design / 3D Rendering

Tasmin Lee du ToiT (Director)

Professional Senior Architectural Technologist

B. Tech Arch (UJ) 2011, Pr.S.Arch.T (SACAP)

With over 12 years of experience in the Architecture field, Tasmin recognized a growing demand for an innovative and fresh approach with efficient turnaround times while fully understanding the clients' visions. Her deep passion for architecture, interior design, and urban design is evident in her work, and it served as the driving force behind the establishment of Arcvisa Studio.

Tasmin's vision for Arcvisa Studio goes beyond merely creating habitable spaces for specific functions. She believes that architecture should encompass the way we feel and should adopt a holistic approach to life. This philosophy guides the studio's design process, where the focus is on creating spaces that not only fulfill practical requirements but also evoke emotions, inspire, and improve the overall well-being of occupants.

At Arcvisa Studio, Tasmin and her team aim to bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to every project they undertake. The passion for architecture, interior design, and urban planning is deeply ingrained in Arcvisa Studio's DNA, and this dedication is what drives them to consistently create exceptional and thoughtful designs for their clients. 

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